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“Short read DNA sequencing alignment and visualization”

Webinar (2019-Apr-03)

“Tools for automating analysis pipelines”

Webinar (2018-Oct-17)

“The Human Variant Database”

Webinar (2018-Apr-11)

“Bioinformatics Series: Detecting structural variants”

Webinar (2017-Feb-14)

“Bioinformatics Series: Quality Control of Next-Gen Sequence Data”

Webinar (2018-Jan-17)

“Bioinformatics Series: FFPE in Your NGS Study”

Webinar (2017-Dec-06)

“Bioinformatics Series: Designing an NGS Study for my Biological Question”

Webinar (2017-Nov-08)

“Bioinformatics Series: Benchmarking of Variant Callers and Analysis Tools”

Webinar (2017-Sept-28)

“Bioinformatics Series: Introduction to Bioinformatics”

Webinar (2017-June-28)