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Introduction to WestGrid and Compute Canada and the current RAC

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Introduction to Linux

Browse the materials from our Introduction to Linux: Command Line Basics (delivered Sept 2017):

For basic introduction to Bash command line, programming in Python or R, and version control with Git, check out a Software Carpentry workshop closest to you. We also recommend their online Introduction to using the shell in a HPC context lessons for some very basic introduction to Linux command line.

Getting Started Guides

“How to submit and run jobs on Compute Canada HPC systems”

Webinar (2018-Sep-19)

Read WestGrid’s QuickStart Guide for Getting Started on CC National Systems.

Watch Compute Canada’s Getting Started with CC National Systems mini-webinars – a series of short video tutorials that demonstrate how to access the national clusters, submit jobs, access software, avoid common mistakes, and get help from the Compute Canada support team.

Introduction to HPC from our summer school

Browse all materials from WestGrid Summer School’s Introductory HPC course (ZIP file) from 2018.