Research Data Management

“Linking databases to code repositories with Throughput”

Webinar (2021-Mar-03) by Simon Goring

“Automating your backups in Linux and MacOS”

Webinar (2021-Feb-17) by Alex Razoumov

“Working with multidimensional datasets in xarray”

Webinar (2020-Sep-30) by Alex Razoumov

“File access control approaches and best practices”

Webinar (2019-Oct-30) by Sergiy Stepanenko

“Managing many files with Disk ARchiver (DAR)”

Webinar (2019-May-01) by Alex Razoumov

“Research Data Management Tools, Platforms, and Best Practices for Canadian Researchers”

Webinar (2019-Mar-20) by Alex Garnett and Adam McKenzie