Visualization Resources

For full documentation, please check the Visualization section in Compute Canada’s technical wiki.  

“Molecular visualization with VMD”

Webinar (2019-Mar-06)

“Using YT for analysis and visualization of volumetric data” - YT webinar Part 1

Webinar (2018-Nov-21)

“Working with data objects in YT” - YT webinar Part 2

Webinar (2019-Jan-23)

“Scientific visualization with Plotly”

Webinar (2018-Mar-28)

“Novel Visualization Techniques from the 2017 Visualize This Challenge”

Webinar (2018-Jan-31)

“Data Visualization on Compute Canada’s Supercomputers”

Webinar (2017-Oct-03)

“Using ParaViewWeb for 3D Visualization and Data Analysis in a Web Browser”

Webinar (2017-Mar-29)

“Scripting and other advanced topics in VisIt visualization”

Webinar (2016-Nov-02)

“CPU-based rendering with OSPRay”

Webinar (2016-Sep-28)

“3D graphs with NetworkX, VTK, and ParaView”

Webinar (2016-May-24)

  • ZIP file with PDF slides and Python scripts

“Graph visualization with Gephi”

Webinar (2016-Mar-22)